The Cut

There’s not just all good VR press. Obviously there’s your fair share of nonbelievers, of people who’ve had bad first-time experiences, and there’s also this guy — Ashton Kutcher:

In his interview, our celebrity actor (and famous family shopper) is quoted saying, “Everybody’s way too overhyped on VR… You have to buy into this basic notion that people don’t want the cut … Since the beginning of time, people sat around a campfire and told their stories. They cut the boring parts and moved through the interesting parts. That’s how you tell a story.”

Dude I got news for you, nobody is trying to erase “the cut.” The Cut is perfectly acceptable and necessary to convey a plot. 

We are not removing the cut. We are enhancing the frame. instead of a two-dimensional frame, you have a 360-degree frame. How you cut that 360-degree frame is up to you. You still gotta be able to deliver a cut or nobody cares about your VR.

“The minute you’re forced into a platform where you don’t get a cut, all of a sudden you get into this ambiguous short-form zone that has to be short to even engage an audience”

We’re not forcing anybody into a platform where you don’t get a cut. We have millions of people — 200 million last time I checked — who all willingly throw themselves into a medium which offers unparalleled immersion you can’t just get by sitting in front of your TV screen. Imagine if you could live inside of all those interesting parts of the story. We’re still going to cut all the boring parts out. But the entirety of the 360-degree frame better be more compelling in every shot than your average person’s living room. This means a fuck-ton more time and money spent on meticulously dressing your set designs.